Hundreds of Women.

Unlimited Possibilities.

CORONAVIRUS: Neighbors Helping Neighbors!

We want to ensure our Sunnyvale citizens are safe and equipped with the necessary supplies during the COVID-19 so we are currently working with the community to make this happen.


Our Mission

To  create  a  philanthropic  avenue  for  the  women  in  Sunnyvale  to  make  a  big  impact  in  our  community,  with  little  time  commitment.  To  bring  together  at  least  100  women  who  will  contribute  financially  over  several  times  per  year  to  local  non-profits  and  make  a  difference  in  Sunnyvale.


February 27, 2020 @ Trinity Capital Bank

May 7, 2020 (Cancelled)

October 22, 2020 @ Pavilion at Sunnyvale Park Square or virtual via zoom


Feb. ‘19: $16,800 to Sonshine Center May ‘19: $16,000 to Sunnyvale PTA
Sept. ‘19: $16,000 to Vale Counseling

Second Meeting Results:

to The Sunnyvale PTA for a Sensory Room at the new Sunnyvale Intermediate School!

on May 16th, 2019
@Jackie James’ House

By the Numbers

Minimal time, maximum impact… Here’s how we’re getting it done.

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Immediate Impact
Board of Directors

Our Story

100 Women of Sunnyvale is a group of women who are passionate about Sunnyvale. We saw how rapidly Sunnyvale is growing and recognized a need and opportunity to serve our community and to promote and facilitate non-profit growth. What better way to do this than through our community of strong, influential ladies!

Beginning in 2019, we will gather three times a year for a one-hour long meeting, where members will have a chance to hear from fellow members about three local charities and their specific and immediate needs. Present members will vote to select one charity, then each member (present and non-present) will write a $100 check to benefit that selected charity. This combined donation is intended to make a positive and meaningful change in the community we call home.

Community Voices

Join our community of strong, influential women who share a love and passion for Sunnyvale.