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Feb. 25, 2021

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Aside from the $100 donation per meeting, is there any additional cost to being a member?

NO, that’s it 🙂 We simply request all members donate $100 at each event, 3 times a year, to the selected charity.

What if I am unable to attend every meeting?

​Please send your $100 donation with another member who will be attending the meeting.​

What if I have a charity that I would like to nominate for consideration?

That’s great! In fact, all beneficiary applications must be sponsored by a 100 Women of Sunnyvale member. When the beneficiary application period opens, have a representative of the beneficiary submit an application and offer to be their sponsor. We encourage all of our members to actively promote our combined donation and encourage beneficiaries to apply! 

What is the term of membership?

Our membership commitment is annual. Each year, new and returning members will be asked to fill out a membership form during the enrollment period between December 1 and January 15. This will allow us to have the most accurate “combined donation” amount to present to beneficiary applicants before our first meeting in February so they can shape their request for 100 Women of Sunnyvale to fund their project or immediate need.

Am I allowed to give more than $100 per meeting?

To keep things even, we prefer to cap the donation at $100 per person. If you would like to give more, you can simply make a separate donation direct to the organization.

Am I allowed to invite guests to the meetings?​

Absolutely, guests are welcome to attend our meetings. Please make sure your guests know that they will not be able to vote or need to make a donation to the beneficiary of choice at the meeting they attend.

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