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Beneficiary Application Process

100 Women of Sunnyvale will begin accepting beneficiary applications one month before each general meeting and will close the application period two weeks before the meeting date.  The selected beneficiary will be voted on and announced at the meeting. Below is some insight on how the meeting works and how the final beneficiary is selected.

100 Women of Sunnyvale members will work with potential beneficiaries by sponsoring the application and then being prepared to support the nominated organization or cause at the meeting. All applications must be sponsored by a 100 Women of Sunnyvale member. Once a beneficiary application has been submitted, the Beneficiary Chair will review the application and ask any additional questions needed to confirm qualification for the funds. At the meeting, all qualifying beneficiaries will be put “in a hat”, and three will be drawn. The member will introduce the organization’s representative and then the organization representative will have five minutes to present the beneficiary and their need/ask to the membership. Next, members will vote by secret ballot on which ONE organization will be granted 100 Women of Sunnyvale’s combined donation. The funds will be delivered within three weeks of the meeting by individual personal/cashier’s checks and/or cash by the 100 Women of Sunnyvale board.

For a beneficiary to qualify, the following requirements must be met:

  • The request must be for a specific and immediate need or project that benefits the Sunnyvale community.
  • The request must give detail on how the entire combined donation is to be spent.
  • The money given must funnel through a 501(c)3.
    • A person or family may be nominated as the ultimate recipient of the combined donation, but a 501(c)(3) must be identified to accept the money on their behalf. The applicant is responsible for providing the information for the non-profit who will accept the donation on behalf of the recipient in such a case.
  • National charities will not be considered.
    • Local branches may be considered; however, the contribution must be directly applied to serve the Sunnyvale community.
  • The charity may be run by a political or religious organization, but may not require a specific faith or political affiliation to benefit from the donation.
  • The beneficiary must agree that 100% of the donation from 100 Women of Sunnyvale will go to the specific need in which they requested the donation.
  • Because donations are directly awarded to a 501(c)(3), the beneficiary will send charitable tax receipts to the members of 100 Women of Sunnyvale.

The beneficiary will be asked to come back the following meeting and give an update on the project or need for which the funds were awarded.

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